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This page was last updated on: July 21, 2016
Welcome  to Katie Covey's U.U. Religious Education pages.
Motto: Fun, friendly and concise resources with deep teachable moments!
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FREE - Teacher Training with Katie as author!

Let me help you train your teachers!

They can attend in their jammies, they can ask questions of the author, me, directly.
They won't have to travel or find a sitter.
All they need is a computer or a phone. AND if someone can't make it or you get another team member later, the session will be recorded.

I'm offering to guide your teachers through any of my curricula, as they get ready to teach it this fall.

Best of all, I'll do it for free for 30 minutes for the first 5 groups to set up a training. Invite your teaching team of 2, 4, whatever the number of teachers you have.


Help your teachers understand the curriculum "from the horse's mouth." I have 33 years of experience offering Teacher Trainings, have taught the Teacher Training Renaissance Module and have written 10 curricula, including some for "Tapestry of Faith," the UUA online curricula. View my bio here.

If you want more:

Book an hour training with me, if you want more time for teachers to grasp the concepts, walk through a session plan and receive personalized instruction.

The hour will include:
Half-off the hour booking - only $75.00!

I can be your Virtual DRE and colleague and help you train your teachers to find the vision and energy to make religious education a part of their ministry to your congregation. That ministry can happen using technology to make it easier for time crunched teachers.

Contact me with questions and to book!
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