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This page was last updated on: December 23, 2016
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What's next?

Lodestone, Magnetize your Middle School

I was inspired by the 2016 LREDA Fall conference to add the topics of Money, Death and Race to the Middle School Curriculum I'm currently writing called "Lodestone, Magnetize your Middle School."

We already do "Sex" the best in the nation with Our Whole Lives, O.W.L.  No need to re-invent THAT wheel!

Add these other topics, too. You don't have to create curricula yourself. Let me do it!

For those of you whose budgets are due soon, I wanted to mention "Lodestone; Magnetize your Middle School" curricula as a possibility you may wish to budget for so you have it in the fall.

You might want to add $40 or $80 for one or two topics, or $90 for the entire year (about 30 sessions). Let me explain below.

It's gonna be good, IMHO.

I'm really having fun imagining the activities, and I want to be a fly on the wall for the discussions and reflections I can envision!

Lodestone has deep teachable moments, age-appropriate for 6th, 7th and 8th graders on "Money," "Death," and "Race."

AND it will be fun and friendly with the craziness that keep the Middle Schoolers coming. My goal is to have them dragging their families to church on Sunday morning!

It will include:
the BEST from my 1998 "Traditions with a Wink" Middle School curricula (like Potato Worship and the Crud-0-Matic Vacuum Cleaner Game)

the BEST from Klutz Press activities on the topics (like the origami with a buck and the dead finger shenanigans)

the BEST from middle school culture (like cinnamon toothpicks and hand whistling)

the BEST new material and activities from my work as Co-Director of the GA Middle School Camp that the kids loved.

the BEST from TEACH TOLERANCE sessions we UU's can use.

in other words, it will be the BEST I can make it with the BEST resources I can find for Middle School programming.

SO, that's just a promise, I know. It won't be ready until March, 2017. But you might want to throw some bucks in the budget for next fall so IF you like what you see in March, you can purchase it.

Here's my plan. Flexible options for all the different needs in our different congregations.

1. JUST A Topic, $40 - You may want to include the section on "Money" with your Coming of Age program, or "Race" as a special study topic. Each of the three topics, "Money," "Death," and "Race" will be sold separately, for $40/each. There will be 4-5 sessions in each topic at this point. So you might want to budget the $40 for one topic or even $80 for two topics.
Money - $40
Death - $40
Race - $40

2. ALL the TOPICS, SESSIONS and RESOURCES, $90 - Say you are ready for a new and exciting Middle School Year - the ENTIRE PLAN for the WHOLE YEAR. The whole shebang will be $90. That means all three topics "Money," "Death," and "Race" plus UU Identity, crazy socials, holiday sessions, etc. for a total of about 30 sessions. At this point, I'm still writing, remember?

So, just sayin' that you might want to plan ahead. And if you don't like what you see in March, you'll have some bucks to spend on some games, some library resources, whatever.

My curricula is always 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

I was a DRE for 33 years and know that sometimes, budgets happen the same time as the holiday season. Dreadful, but there it is.

Hope this is helpful. Your Virtual DRE, Katie

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