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Mission Manifesto: 
A Multi-Age Trip for Every Congregation!
by Katie Covey

Walk our talk. Mature our faith. But don't reinvent the wheel. Our congregation raised $45,000 ($13,000 OVER our goal) and built a school in Guatemala with 10 adults and 8 youth.
We want to share the HOW TO's with you!

Full Table of Contents
Table of Contents for the Mission Manifesto 
About our Congregation
About the Language – “Mission Trip”
About the scope of the project
The Story
The Quick Guide
The Fundraisers
Angels Ask
Personal Letters
Church Garage Sale
Kailin Yong Concert
Chili Cook-Off
Rice and Bean Dinners
Valentine’s Cookie Boxes
Half Plate Donation
Bake Sales
Donations from Other Congregations
Pancake Breakfast
Farmers Market
Quilt Art Projects
Hope Concert – Bluegrass and Eclectic
D’Note Jazz Venue
Replacing members
Congregational jealousy/fatigue
Record keeping
Inequality among Trip members – finances and time
Criticism between participants; personality conflicts
Congregational Buy-In
One last broadcast
Angels Ask and Personal Letters Fundraisers earlier
Leadership Positions Defined
Failed Fundraisers
Non-Trip Member Involvement
Transform the character of our congregation
Create Life-Long Unitarian Universalists
Bridge the Generations
Grow in Religious Maturity
Walk Our Talk
Bring Justice to the World
Tips and Tools
Using Google Docs documentation for group input and leadership
Background Checks
Using Doodle or Meeting Wizard for group meeting dates
Mission Trip Application Form
Staff and congregational leadership
Saying Goodbye and Bringing Closure
Travel agent and Contingency Funds
List of References Cited
Parent Travel Consent Form
Parent Medical Consent Form
BVUUF Background check consent form
Valentine’s Cookie Box Forms
Chili Cook-Off Flow
Chili Cook Off Sign Up Sheet
Mission Trip Application
Assumption of Risk Agreement
Personal Letter Samples
Fact Sheet for Personal Letters Packet
Effective Follow Up Conversations
Online Donation Instructions
Donation Tax Receipt

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