UU Curriculum for 6/7/8th Graders
"Tough Topics and Tons of Fun"
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8 Meetings
5 Sunday a.m. Sessions
3 Family Conversations

Sample sessions
List of Activities
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Money Unit for Lodestone; Magnetize your Middle School

What is a Lodestone?

Lodestones are rocks that are made up of magnetite, an iron oxide ore. They are naturally magnetic. In ancient times, compasses were made using small pieces of lodestones. Some believe that lodestones have magical uses for attracting friends and wishes. Lodestone, the UU program for Middle Schoolers, will magnetize your group and make it so fun and deep that the middle schoolers will want to attend no matter what. 

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45 Sessions
All Units - UU, Money, Race and Death
Plus 6 Holiday Sessions
Plus 9 Social Nights
445 pages,
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Plus deep reflection on the tough topic of Money through:

Focusing Questions
Mindfulness Training
Teachable Moments

Family Conversations: These are tough topics, often taboo! Support the dialogue with Family Conversations. 
Two Family Conversations of 1.5 hours 
One Family Conversation of 2 hours

intended for a Sunday afternoon or evening. The entire family is invited, including Middle Schoolers.

Money Unit Family Conversations – Orientation, Allowances and Life Skills Fishbowl (see sample,) Giving Project Planning (such as a Bake Sale or joining in a Crop Walk.)

Introduction to the Money Unit
The Sessions
The Family Conversations
Sunshine, Silence and Service
Creating a Lodestone Culture
Leaders and Teams
Recommended book: The Opposite of Spoiled
Money Songs Playlist
To Do in Advance

Session #MA Family Conversation - Orientation to the Money Unit
Session #M1 Money – The Taboo
Session #M2 Allowances and Life Skills
Session #MB Family Conversation - Allowance and Life Skills
Session #M3 Commercial Break
Session #M4 Giving and Values
Session #MC Family Conversation – Final Closing Project
Session #M5 Final Project Implementation

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Sample Session #M1 - Money, the Taboo

Family Conversation #MB - Allowance and Life Skills

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The Money Unit focuses on the value of conversations about money as an important part of understanding the control and power of money. With this understanding, we can keep commercialism in perspective and use money to reflect our values.
Activity Options by session in the Money Unit

Each session and Family Conversation includes a Chalice Lighting and Chalice Extinguishing, Focusing Questions for reflection, a Teachable Moment and a Closing with a Chant or Songs. There’s even a playlist of theme related songs for use in games and entering. In addition, there are tons of activity choices, reflecting opportunities for “Sunshine, Silence and Service!”
#MA Family Conversation – Orientation
Southwest Airlines Birthday Line
Play Development Quotient Game
Three Breaths Meditation
Electric Coin Toss Game
#M1 – Money, the Taboo
Monopoly money décor
Be Beggars 
Be Bankers
Bold Bertha Game
Graffiti Board
Spiritual Goals Poster making
Breath of Gratitude Meditation
Cooperative Musical Chairs
Money Readings
#M2 – Allowances and Life Skills
Allowance Graph
Spend/Save/Give containers
Silent Penny Polishing Meditation
Mind in a Jar Meditation
Wants/Needs Slackline
Data Game
#MB – Family Conversation – Allowance and Life Skills
Fishbowl Dialogue
Life Skills Inventory

#M3 – Commercial Break
Graffiti Board
Paper Wad Basketball
“Money and Happiness” TED talk
Maker Space- recycled art
Fun Ratio
Human Camera Meditation
Burning Money Experiment
Air Basketball
A Strong Wind is Blowing Game
#M4 – Giving and Values
Homemade picture envelopes
Passion/Needs journaling
Mini-Care Packages

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