16 Fun, Friendly, Concise Sessions.
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Based on the 14 best picture books for teaching young children about Bible Stories with a U.U. perspective, plus an Introductory session and a session making their own Picture Book.

Picture Book Bible Tales Table of Contents:
Session # 1 About the Bible
Session # 2 Adam and Eve
Session # 3 Cain and Abel
Session # 4 Noah
Session # 5 Joseph
Session # 6 The Moses Basket
Session # 7 Exodus
Session # 8 The Story of Queen Esther
Session # 9 Daniel in the Lions’ Den
Session #10 Jonah and the Great Fish
Session #11 David and Goliath
Session #12 King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba
Session #13 Jesus
Session #14 Mary, Mother of Jesus
Session #15 The Easter Story
Session #16 Your Own Picture Book

Note: You must order the picture books separately.  You may request the books from your local library or bookstore. Download the Book list here: There is also a Listmania list on Amazon.com so that you can order the books used or new. Estimated cost will be between $40.00 and $80.00 for the entire set, depending on whether you order new or used. 

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Download these sample sessions 
#5 - Joseph by Brian Wildsmith
The tale of eleven brothers who sell their favored brother into slavery is a story about envy, greed, and power, but also a story about love, compassion, and forgiveness. A bitterly divided family is drawn together and in the process changes the course of nations.

#12 The Wisdom Bird: A Tale of Solomon and Sheba retold by Sheldon Oberman
The story expresses respect for different people, creatures and forms of wisdom.  King Solomon is wise and so is the Queen of Sheba. The queen travels from Africa to the ancient city of Jerusalem to learn whether King Solomon can put his wisdom to work. 

#14 Mary by Brian Wildsmith
The story of Mary, mother of Jesus, is told in a beautiful book with each page framed in gold. This is the story from her birth to Anna and Joachim, the visit by the angel Gabriel, the Christmas story and the childhood of Jesus. Finally we join with Mary as she experiences the sorrow of the cross and her crowning as Queen of Heaven, the eternal face of compassion.
Children are reminded that there is a female presence in the Christian story and that U.U.’s value stories about boys and girls, men and women in our tradition.

From the Introduction to Picture Book Bible Tales:
Welcome to Picture Book Bible Tales! This curriculum is fun, friendly and concise with teachable moments that introduce classic Bible Tales to young elementary children. 

It’s easy for Teachers to use with:

It’s easy for Ministers, Directors and Coordinators to use with:

Plus it’s fun for the children with options for:

I’ve selected the 14 best books that I could find that illustrate classic Bible tales that our U.U. children should know.  Each book must meet my high requirements for use in my own Religious Education program.  Each book needs to have engaging illustrations of the right size for reading aloud, use language appropriate for primary aged children, and have the right amount of text. In addition, there are sessions for Introducing the Bible and Creating Your Own Picturebook.

Each accompanying session includes:
• set up suggestions, 
• an entering activity,
• a sharing circle,
• 3 - 6 activity choices, 
• a closing statement, 
• teacher background information,
• and a parent handout for taking home or for posting on the classroom door.

Picture Book Bible Tale Downloads - adapt these for your own use!

1) Sortable spreadsheet of each PBBT Session with the Principle, Belief, UU Identity, and Theme represented by the session. For example, sort the spreadsheet to find all the sessions on the First Principle "Each person is worthwhile" or on the theme of "Christmas." 

2) List of Items needed in Advance for use by the R.E. leader or during Parent Orientation or on the classroom door. Who might have a cat to bring in for "Daniel and the Lion's Den," or a creche to share for the "Jesus" session? As always, these are entirely optional, and there are other suggestions for activities.
PBBT downloadable documents for adaptation to your own program.
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Picture Book Bible Tales
16 Sessions for Kindergarten - 2nd grades
by Katie Covey

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