UU Curriculum for 6/7/8th Graders
"Tough Topics and Tons of Fun"

The Race Unit will be released 9/17 in time for implementation in a 2017/18 program.

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I am waiting to finalize the Race Unit until after the 2017 GA Middle School Justice Camp. My Co-Director, Rev. Jamil Scott and I will be developing the GA Justice Camp which wlll include elements I want to add to this unit.

5 Sessions and 3 Family Conversations.

Family Conversations: These are tough topics, often taboo! Support the dialogue with Family Conversations. Three Family Conversations of 1.5 hours are intended for a Sunday afternoon or evening. The entire family is invited, including Middle Schoolers.

Race Unit for Lodestone; Magnetize your Middle School

What is a Lodestone?

Lodestones are rocks that are made up of magnetite, an iron oxide ore. They are naturally magnetic. In ancient times, compasses were made using small pieces of lodestones. Some believe that lodestones have magical uses for attracting friends and wishes. Lodestone, the UU program for Middle Schoolers, will magnetize your group and make it so fun and deep that the middle schoolers will want to attend no matter what.
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