UU Curriculum for 6/7/8th Graders
"Tough Topics and Tons of Fun"

The Race Unit 

#RA - Family Orientation to Race
#R1 - Danger of a Single Story
#R2 - Know History
#R3 - Listen
#R4 - Find Hope
#RB - Family Final Project

Activities List

​For our white middle schoolers and families, this unit is about getting a glimpse of the meaning of racism in our society and about raising awareness of the layers of privilege that surround them. For our middle schoolers and families of color, it is about developing an understanding of their identities and how those identities impact them in the world. For all, it is a time to move toward finding hope and wholeness in our world.

Race Unit for Lodestone; Magnetize your Middle School

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Session R1 – The Danger of a Single Story
Video – The Danger of a Single Story with Chimamanda Adichie, Nigerian novelist, TED talk
Poem Writing – “Where I’m From” using a poem as a template for writing about your own background
Road to Racial Justice Game, part 1
I See You Mindfulness
Body Language Game
Tap It Out Telephone Game
Session R2 – Know History
Road to Racial Justice Game, part 2
Confederate Sculpture Replacement
Story of Henry Hampton and “Eyes on the Prize”
Never Give Up Video
Dissolve the Hurt Congregational activity
Session R3 – Listen 
Road to Racial Justice, part 3
How to Handle a Racist Joke
Geography of Self Art
Insight Dialogue
Blindfold Walk
Session R4 – Finding Hope
The River Story
Road to Racial Justice Game, part 4
Arc of Justice Pipe Cleaner Art
Meditation for Hope and Love in Times of Struggle
Grog Flashlight Tag
Black Lives Matter Banner locating

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