Toolbox of Faith
by Kate Tweedie Covey
4/5th grade  Online Curriculum
UUA Tapestry of Faith Project

"My name is Irene Boczek Stefanko.  I am a seminarian at Starr King.  Over the last three years, as a part of my classwork, I have prepared 3 UU curriculums. I have always used Toolbox Curriculum as my starting point.   I use your work as much as I can - the organization, etc.  I also had they opportunity to teach Toolbox  in RE as a part of my home congregation.  I wanted to thank you for the incredible inspiration that you have been to me.  Your work is incredible." Blessings, Irene Boczek Stefanko

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Each session uses a real tool as a symbol of a quality of our faith:

Session 1: Faith (toolbox and ruler)
Session 2: Questioning (magnifying glass)
Session 3: Integrity (compass)
Session 4: Flexibility (duct tape)
Session 5: Reflection (mirror)
Session 6: Expression (paintbrush)
Session 7: Democratic Process (ballot box)
Session 8: Power (hammer)
Session 9: Spirit Of Life (water bottle)
Session 10: Courage And Conviction (backpack)
Session 11: Listening (stethoscope, seashell)
Session 12: Humor (sandpaper)
Session 13: Love (glove)
Session 14: Justice (flashlight)
Session 15: Atonement (level)
Session 16: Resiliency (hard hat)
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