These sessions focus on essential topics in Unitarian Universalism of individualism, diversity, community, spiritual practice, reason and curiosity.

8 Sessions
9 Social Nights

Sample sessions
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UU Unit for Lodestone; Magnetize your Middle School

What is a Lodestone?

Lodestones are rocks that are made up of magnetite, an iron oxide ore. They are naturally magnetic. In ancient times, compasses were made using small pieces of lodestones. Some believe that lodestones have magical uses for attracting friends and wishes. Lodestone, the UU program for Middle Schoolers, will magnetize your group and make it so fun and deep that the middle schoolers will want to attend no matter what. 

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Note: The UU Unit does not include Family Conversations, like the Death, Money and Race Units. The 8 Sessions and 9 Social Nights are gleaned from the favorite and best of the 40 sessions,  updated, in “Traditions with a Wink,” 1998.
How to create deep moments?
Each session includes:
  Focusing Questions
  Mindfulness Training
 Teachable Moments
  Chalice LIghting and 
Overview of the UU Unit 

The Sessions
The Social Nights
Parent Welcome Letter
UU Playlist
To Do in Advance

Sessions in the UU Unit

Session #UU1 Opening Brunch
Session #UU2 Mentos Geyser Explosion!
Session #UU3 Chalice in a Bag/Tin
Session #UU4 Prayers
Session #UU5 Heresy Sunday
Session #UU6 Genesis and Evolution
Session #UU7 UU Rosaries
Session #UU8 Road Trip to another UU Congregation, optional

UU Unit Social Nights

September Six Foot Banana Split
October A Scary Stories Evening
November Weird Foods Night
December White Elephant Gift Exchange
January Pie Making Party
February Valentines
March Science Fair Social
April Egg Hunt
May Overnight


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Sample Session #UU4 Prayers.                                           
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Sample Session September Social Night - Six Foot Banana Split
Still have questions?
Activity Options by session 
Each session includes a Chalice Lighting and Chalice Extinguishing, Focusing Questions for reflection, a Teachable Moment and a Closing with a Chant. There’s even a playlist of theme related songs for use in games and entering. In addition, there are tons of activity choices, reflecting opportunities for “Sunshine, Silence and Service!”
#UU1 – Opening Brunch
Each is Different Poster
Potato Meditation
Tin Foil Sculpture
Elbow Tag
Data Game
Observation Game
Frozen Waffle and Toppings Brunch

#UU2 – Mentos Geyser Explosion
Squiggle Drawing
Gorp Game
Mentos Geyser Explosion

#UU3 – Chalice in a Bag/Tin
Chalice in a Bag
Chalice in an Altoid Tin
Playdough, clay or pipe cleaner chalices
Chalice forms in nature
Hink Pink Game
Chalice Rituals
Candy or fruit chalice making
#UU4 – Prayers
Group Juggling
Memory Game
Their Own Words Lord’s Prayer
Their Own Words Psalm 23
Spirit of Life Prayer

#UU5 – Heresy
Michael Servetus Skit
Francis David Skit
Katharine Vogel Skit
Scones of Torda
Partnership Church Guest

#UU6 – Genesis and Evolution
Iguana or snake visit
Fossils or Petrified wood display
Praise Darwin YouTube Comedy video with Charlie Varon
Darwin Fish Count Game
Change Happens Bumper Sticker
Evolution Game
Monkey Trial Readers Theatre
Cosmic Calendar Meditation
Cosmos Episode 1 with Neil DeGrassi Tyson – Cosmic Calendar

#UU7 – UU Rosaries
Poster making of Principles
Poster making of Sources
UU Rosary 
Movement Rosary

#UU8 – Visit to Another Congregation, optional
Field Trip
Service Details Treasure Hunt
Texas Hug

Social Nights
Graffiti Board
Six Foot Banana Split in a Gutter
Sum Summary Game
Face Painting
Hookey, Spookey
Scary Stories Read Aloud
Candy or Fruit Chalices
Mini-Toss Golf
Weird Foods

Bake Christmas Sugar Cookies
Decorate gingerbread people cookies
White Elephant Gift Exchange Game

Homemade pie making
Sculpting with whipped cream
Valentines for grandparents or shut ins
Squares Game

Exotic pet visit
Visiting Scientist phenomena
Science Fair display

Egg Hunt
Sardines Game
May Overnight
Chat with the Minister or Worship Leader
Homemade Pizza
Rec Center Visit
Moon/Star Walk
UU Word Banner

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