World Religions
Summer Day Camp Guide
A one week U.U. Day Camp for Kindergarten through 5th Grade
     by Katie Covey
Guide based on 12 years of U.U. Day Camps
No need to start from scratch
Flexible for groups of 15 to 50+ campers
VBS does it, why not us?
Teens become teachers
Create revenue from Camp tuition
Includes 24 Resources in the Appendix

Table of Contents
Sample Materials
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This page was last updated on: August 25, 2016

Table of Contents
Camp Goals
Overview of Summer Day Camp
Registration and Welcome Table
Extended Care Before and After Camp
Camp Chapels
Chapel Set Up during Counselor Orientation
Chapel Worship Associates
General Chapel Plan
Chapel Script
Morning Activity Rotation Schedule
Morning Activities Details
Camp Zoo
Journal Room
Junk Sculpture
Story Tree
Game Room
Sharing Circle
Daily Theme Activity
The Camp Café
Lunch and Play Time
Afternoon Theme Activites/Presentations
Alternative Afternoon Activity: The Bouncy Castle
Second Alternative Afternoon Activity: Skits/ Puppet Shows
Third Alternative Afternoon Activity: Group Sculpture
Friday Afternoon Final Chapel
Camp Finances and Staffing
Adult Staff
Camp Cafe Supervisor Job Description
Assistant Director
Counselor Meetings
Counselor Orientation and Camp Set Up
Daily Staff Meetings with Counselors
Daily Staff Meetings with CITs
Camp Budget
Free and Low Cost Favorite Activities
Item for Congregational Use
Financial Aid
Resource 1.  Morning Activity Template
Resource 2. Hanuman Cut Out
Resource 3. Mandala
Resource 4. Religious Symbols
Resource 5. Sample Publicity Sheet
Resource 6. Sample Registration Form
Resource 7. Sample Extended Care Registration Form
Resource 8. Sample Counselor/CIT application
Resource 9. Camp Song Words and Sources
Resource 10. Sample Camper Spreadsheet
Resource 11. Sample Before/After Care Spreadsheet
Resource 12. Sharing Circle Instructions
Resource 13. Chapel Stories and Sources
Resource 14. Camp Journal
Resource 15. Counselor/Staff Clipboard: Overview
Resource 16. Counselor/Staff Clipboard: Morning Activities Rotation
Resource 17. Counselor/Staff Clipboard: Camp Covenant
Resource 18. Counselor/Staff Clipboard: Campers and Medical Alerts
Resource 19. Counselor/Staff Clipboard: Chapel Songs
Resource 20. World Religions Camp Supplies
Resource 21. Things to do in advance
Resource 22. Sample Camper Letter
Resource 23. Sample Budget Spreadsheet
Resource 24. References

Note: You will receive access to the entire appendix in WORD with your order so that you may modify any form or resource!

World Religions Summer Day Camp Guide offers step by step instructions for creating your own Summer Day Camp with a World Religions theme. The flexible format is jam packed with ideas, samples, tips and forms so that you can use it as is or modify it for your own situation.

Basic Structure:

9 a.m. - 3 p.m. with Before and After Care
Monday - Friday
Kindergarteners through 5th graders
Paid High School Counselors (Create leaders)
Paid Middle School Counselors-in-Training (CIT's) (Learn and do)
Paid Adult Staff (avoid burn-out!)
Tuition suggested: $100 with Scholarships/Sliding Scale Fee

Variety of activities - good for camps of 15 children or 50+.

Guide includes detailed instructions for:
Morning and Afternoon Camp Chapels ( Songs, Stories, Rituals)
Daily Theme Activities related to each religion  -
Earth Centered Spiritualities
Unitarian Universalism/ World Religions Summary
Counselor Training and Camp Set Up/Take Down Instructions
Complete Supply List and Schedule of Preparation
And More - Everything You Need! Check out the Table of Contents

Plus the surprising benefits of offering a Camp -
How to create revenue for the R.E. Program with camp tuition.
Offering Middle Schoolers their first job.
Creating High School leaders and teachers.
Avoiding staff burnout.
Community awareness of Unitarian Universalism.

Upcoming Modules in development for Cosmic Camp (celebrate our 5th Source - science and reason) and Peace Camp. Chalica Camp, a winter break camp, will be available Sept. 2013.

World Religions Summer Day Camp Guide, 138 pages.
©2013, 8 1/2" x 11" format, Color pictures (may be printed in black and white with good results.)

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Sample Chapters from World Religions Summer Day Camp Guide

1) Check out the description of the Camp Zoo, a perennial favorite!

2) One of the morning rotations is called the Camp Cafe. Read about making fruit kabobs for Hinduism.

3) Sample Appendix: See many of the 24 resources in the Appendix.

4) View the 2013 Dharma camp video on YouTube
This was another theme, Buddhism, but can give you an idea of the enjoyment of the counselors and campers, and how the stories were interpreted by the campers.

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"Fabulous! Katie Covey’s World Religions Summer Day Camp Guide is a very comprehensive manual for implementing a strong summer day camp program.  Most importantly, it provides a blueprint for creating a powerful “immersion” experience for campers, and a strong leadership development opportunity for youth.  With this guide, Katie shows us how to put the important ideas in her book Full Circle: Creating Lifelong UU’s  into action. - Pat Kahn, Children and Families Program Director,  Unitarian Universalist Association
VBS stands for "Vacation Bible School" - an acronym our Christian brothers and sisters use.
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