Full Circle:
Fifteen Ways to Grow Lifelong UU's

by Kate Tweedie Erslev
now known as
Kate Tweedie Covey
Full Circle is published by the UUA.  It may be ordered from the
UUA Bookstore. 2004.96 pp. $14.00
From the back cover: "Imagine if virtually everyone who had been raised Unitarian Universalist was still affiliated with our faith.  Imagine how even more powerful a religious movement ours would be.  In this remarkable book, Kate Tweedie Erslev (and the 82 "lifelong UU's" she interviewed) tells us how to make that dream a reality for the next generation.  If we take all this good advice, Unitarian Universalism will never be the same!" - William F. Schulz, UUA President, 1985-93, Executive Director, Amnesty International USA, 1994.

"Readers of Full Circle will be inspired and well-equipped to help ensure that those being raised in our movement today will continue as active UUs.  This book is an empowering collage of what makes UUs tick as well as what sticks to our young religious ribs."- Jaco B. ten Hove and Barbara Wells, parish co-ministers and authors of "Articulating Your UU Faith" ( UUA, 2000)