UU Curriculum for 6/7/8th Graders
"Tough Topics and Tons of Fun"

The goal of Lodestone is to magnetize the Middle School. Lodestone will provide fun and as well as deep teachable moments, so that middle schoolers are attracted like iron to a magnet! We want them to drag their parent(s) in on Sundays!

Sample sessions
Tons of Activities
Social Nights
Sunshine, Silence and Service
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Lodestone; Magnetize your Middle School

What is a Lodestone?

Lodestones are rocks that are made up of magnetite, an iron oxide ore. They are naturally magnetic. In ancient times, compasses were made using small pieces of lodestones. Some believe that lodestones have magical uses for attracting friends and wishes. Lodestone, the UU program for Middle Schoolers, will magnetize your group and make it so fun and deep that the middle schoolers will want to attend no matter what. 

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  • 45 Sessions
  • All Units - UU, Money, Race and Death
  • Plus 6 Holiday Sessions
  • Plus 9 Social Nights
  • 445 pages,
  • WORD Doc for easy use!
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Need a program just on Death, Money, UU or Race?
Want to add a Unit to an existing program, such as a Coming of Age program?

Purchase any unit separately @ $40.00 on the unit webpage.
Fun with Deep Moments
Each session is packed with 4 – 8 options for unique activities to keep those Middle Schoolers coming! 

Plus deep reflection on the tough topics of Money, Race and Death through 

Focusing Questions
Mindfulness Training
Teachable Moments
Family Conversations

Activities Listed by Category
What is a Lodestone?
Introduction to Lodestone in General
Introduction to the Units
Sunshine, Silence and Service
Session Structure
Creating a Lodestone Culture
Leaders and Teams
Middle Schoolers
Music Playlists
Holiday Unit
To Do In Advance
Session #H1 Hanukkah
Session #H2 Birth Legends of Jesus, Buddha, Confucius
Session #H3 Winter Solstice
Session #H4 Spring Equinox
Session #H5 Easter
Session #H6 Flower Communion

Sample Sessions in the Money, Race, UU and Death Units at their pages:
or Death

Sample Session  for the Lodestone Year Holiday Sessions:
The Social Nights
Lodestone includes suggestions for 9 Social Nights as options for building friendship and community. These may be offered on Friday or Saturday nights for 2 hours, once a month. With the Family Conversations in the Death, Race and Money Units, you may not wish to schedule additional Social Nights if your families are already very busy. However, they are here if you need them. The Social Night scripts also provide ideas for even more games and activities. These Social Nights are updated from the ones in Katie Covey’s 1998 “Traditions with a Wink” Middle School curriculum.

Sunshine, Silence and Service

There are activity choices for each session which reflect the opportunities we can provide to Middle schoolers in UU community. These opportunities address the needs of young teens to:
take a break from “screen time” and “technology,” 
be in deep conversations, 
move their bodies, 
give their brain some downtime, 
make friends, 
spend time in sunshine and nature,
learn and mature. 

I call the opportunities the three “S’s” – 
Sunshine and 
In addition, there will be opportunities for the 4th “S” of “Silliness!” since these are middle schoolers after all. 

I want the middle schoolers to be dragging their parent(s) in on Sunday morning! 

Here is more about the three “S’s.”

Sunshine – as a theme means Sunshine/Movement. Middle Schoolers change as much as infants in the first 3 years. They need movement and, if possible, outdoors, to counter the aches and pains, stress and tiredness of the age. If we can’t always offer sunshine, we can offer movement.

Silence – as a theme is offered as Silence/Mindfulness. These activities will help Middle Schoolers learn centering and reflective techniques, to counter the blast and overload from technology and the Information Age. 

Service – as a theme means Service to others. Lodestone invites them to practice leadership and giving.

Silliness means giggles, name games, Jenga, and closing chants.

"Katie Covey is a wonder!  After previewing the money unit, I am in awe of her eye for creation, still astonished at her integration of new ideas, activities, and concepts, and thrilled that she continues to produce amazing content for our religious educators and congregations across our association.  What.  A.  Gem!" - Eric Bliss, Youth Ministry Specialist, Congregational Life Staff, Pacific Western Region UUA
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