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An introduction to Hindu, Islamic, and Buddhist faiths for Kindergarteners thru 2nd Graders. Click here to order.
15 sessons designed for 15 beautiful and engaging picture books. View the  Booklist

Appealing, age appropriate activities such as Hanuman the Monkey King stick puppets, Arabic alphabet calligraphy, date recipes for Ramadan, peacock feather art, paper airplanes, and sand play for Zen gardening.  Check out the Sample Lessons

Sample Lessons and Introduction- download these Word Documents
Session #7 Islam - Sitti's Secrets
An American girl misses her "sitti," or Palestinian grandmother who lives across the ocean.

Session #13 Buddhism - The Mountains of Tibet.
A young boy grows up in Tibet and loves to fly kites. Upon his death, he is offered all kinds of choices about his next life. 

Check out the Introduction, describing the unique aspects of "Picture Book World Religions."
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Picture Book World Religions, Hindu, Islamic  and Buddhist sessions and activities for Primary grades.  2006. 108 pp., 15 sessions. Hard copy format: 3 ring notebook easy for teachers to use.
Picture Book World Religions
15 Sessions for K-2nd Graders
by Katie  Covey

     The Picture Books

Note: The picture books are not included with the curriculum. You can order these picture books from your local library or bookseller. I have also  made a Listmania@ List at based on these books. 
Note: Three of the books have become expensive as used books. I suggest the alternates below. They are also listed on the Listmania List.

Session # 1 Introduction - Sacred Places
Session # 2  Hinduism - Rama and Sita; alternate "The Little Book of Hindu Deities"
Session # 3  Hinduism - Savitri; alternate
"Mama's Sari"
Session # 4  Hinduism - Lighting a Lamp
Session # 5  Hinduism - Lights for Gita
Session # 6 Islam - The Hundredth Name;
alternate "Night of the Moon"
Session # 7 Islam - Sitti’s Secrets
Session # 8 Islam - Fasting and Dates
Session # 9 Islam - Ahmed’s Secret
Session # 10 Buddhism - Tenzin’s Deer
Session # 11 Buddhism - The Brave Little Parrot
Session # 12 Buddhism - Buddha in the Garden
Session # 13 Buddhism - The Mountains of Tibet
Session # 14 Buddhism - Zen Shorts
Session # 15 Conclusion - Faith

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