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Spirit of Adventure: UU Identity Curriculum
by Katie Covey
Written especially for active 2nd - 5th graders.
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35 sessions with unique themes, such as sports, medicine, architecture, science and food. View the Table of Contents
Active play such as circus arts, a "take apart party," obstacle course, and a treasure hunt.  Check out the Sample Lessons and Overview.

Sample Lessons and Overview- download these Word Documents
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Session #11 Food - Fannie Farmer, "Domestic Scientist"
        Make pancakes using measuring cups that Fannie invented.
Sample Session Fannie
Sample Session Fannie
Session #19 Science - Take Apart Party
What makes computers tick? Find out about the "Father of the World Wide Web."
Sample Session Take Apart Party
Sample Session Take Apart Party
Session #28 Exploring - Try Something New.
Try sardines, smoked oysters, and other exotic fish like explorer Viljhamur Stefansson did with the Eskimos.
Check out the Overview, including the Introduction, describing the unique aspects of "Spirit of Adventure."
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Spirit of Adventure, UU Identity for 2-5th graders. 2005. 255 pp.
Sample Session Try Something New
Sample Session Try Something New

          Table of Contents

Session #  1 Sports -- What is your favorite sport?
Session #  2 Sports -- Lessons for Life
Session #  3 Sports -- In the Congregation
Session #  4 Sports -- The Good and The Bad
Session #  5 Medicine -- Saving Lives, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell
Session #  6 Medicine -- A Special Doctor, Albert Schweitzer
Session #  7 Medicine -- Learn First Aid
Session #  8 Medicine -- Clara Barton, Founder of the American Red Cross
Session #  9 Halloween -- Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
Session # 10 Food -- Stone Soup Sunday
Session # 11 Food -- Fannie Farmer, Unitarian "Domestic Scientist"
Session # 12 Food -- Popcorn Sale!
Session # 13 Food -- Doggy Treats and Henry Bergh, Unitarian founder of the ASPCA
Session # 14 Food -- A Visitor
Session # 14 Winter Holidays -- Unitarian Charles Dickens
Session # 15 Winter Holidays -- Jingle Bells
Session # 16 Winter Holidays -- Winter Solstice
Session # 17 Winter Holidays -- Hannukah
Session # 18 Winter Holidays -- A Visitor
Session # 19 Science -- A Take Apart Party, Tim Berners-Lee
Session # 20 Science -- Comets and Constellations, Maria Mitchell
Session # 21 Science -- Inventions, Alexander Graham Bell
Session # 22 Science -- A Visitor
Session # 23 Building -- Jell-O by Unitarian Peter Cooper
Session # 24 Building -- Frank Lloyd Wright, Unitarian architect
Session # 25 Building -- Frank Lloyd Wright, harmony with nature.
Session # 26 Building -- A Visitor
Session # 27 Building -- Daniel Chester French, Unitarian Sculptor
Session # 28 Exploring -- Try Something New! Viljhamur Stefansson
Session # 29 Exploring -- Treasure Maps and N.C.Wyeth
Session # 30 Exploring -- A Visitor
Session # 31 Web of Life -- Henry David Thoreau
Session # 32 Web of Life -- P.T.Barnum, Universalist
Session # 33 Web of Life -- Beatrix Potter
Session # 34 Web of Life -- A Visitor
Session # 35 Web of Life -- Blessing of the Animals

"We used your curricula last year, and my teachers found the lay out of the lesson plans easy to follow (especially the teachers that don't like to put a lot of time into planning).  The kids enjoyed the variety of fun activities that related in hand-on ways to the educational aspects: THE TAKE APART PARTY WAS A BLAST!. As RGD, I liked Spirit of Adventure, because you made the ordering process very easy and helped advise me based on my church-school's volunteer teaching staff as to what I should order.  You were very
helpful, also I do all the set up for my teachers and it was EASY.
Thanks for a GREAT curriculum!" Hope Colt, the Unitarian Church of Lincoln NE
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